All members acknowledge his Loyalty to the Crown. 

A member shall be admitted into The Fellowship by making simple Pledges


The Fellowship has nothing to offer any member but the sincere free and easy 

Comradeship of the Services


The measure of each Companion's pleasure and satisfaction in The Fellowship 

is in exact proportion to the loyalty and service he brings to the common good




Provided that a man is eligible under one or more of
the clauses below, his admission should not be denied
due to his nationality.

No man shall be eligible for admission as a Companion unless:


He has served in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines,
British Army, Royal Air Force or in Forces
auxiliary to these.

National Servicemen shall be eligible for admission
after their term of service. 


Regular or National Servicemen who have joined the reserve forces following their term of service are eligible.We are also taking any reservist. after the basic term of service for regulars which is three years.

He has served in the Mercantile Marine on War Service.

So as long as you have served for a period of more than three years  you can come and join us