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All ex-servicemen remember many experiences of
heroism, unselfishness and personal devotion

The Beginning
A private, formerly a dock labourer, was mortally wounded and died
in this officer’s arms on the floor of the trench

A Bonding
He was the very same man who, on two previous occasions
had risked his own life for the sake of this officer,
and who had now made the supreme sacrifice

Birth of an idea
This particular tragedy and the very real although unspoken comradeship
between officer and private remained as an imperishable and inspiring
memory cut across all sense of discipline, rank and social status
was the inspiration which animated three ex-servicemen to found
“The Fellowship of the Services”

Silent Thoughts
Ex-servicemen rarely talk of brotherhood
There remains a rough and ready devotion between a man and his comrade.
Each knew, that the other would stick to him through thick and thin
Most ex-servicemen will understand